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Alison Adams, PhD

Alison Adams received her PhD from Harvard in History of Modern Latin America. She specialized in the history of economic development and banking in the region. Dr. Adams’ dissertation focused on the history of popular banking in Brazil and its crucial role in national finance. Dr. Adams also worked as a case researcher and ghost writer at Harvard Business School.

In 2005, Dr. Adams joined Fidelity Investments as a political analyst and strategist for the emerging market portfolios for both fixed income and equities. While at Fidelity, Dr. Adams traveled extensively in emerging markets and established contacts in government and policy institutes around the world. Among her areas of research, Dr. Adams focused on elections, monetary policy, resource nationalism, energy policy, commodities, conflicts, and regional dynamics. 

In 2009, Dr. Adams established her own consultancy providing emerging market portfolio strategy and analysis. Her research is followed by lobbyists, portfolio managers, and analysts.